In the past three decades, teaching has seen more change than it had in the previous hundred years. Gone is the ill- defined transmission of academia and in its place now stands a clear, focused and productive system for equipping young people with bits of paper.

Is this system any better than its predecessor in developing the people that we are told society needs in the 21st century? Ian Stock, an experienced and practicing teacher for more than 30 years, argues that it is worse. We are now turning out many compliant workplace instead of the dynamic, high-aiming Innovators that a post-industrial society truly needs.

Honest, innovative and well-researched, Ian’s book challenges the current model and experiments with a new one, based on thoroughly investigated concepts and theories. Unapologetically, Ian tackles the big issues and policies head-on and analyses the teaching crisis from his very own personal perspective. He looks to empower the modern day practitioner to break free from the submission, confinements and burdens that have been put in place by higher powers. It’s time to rip-up the rulebook.