We're excited to announce the release of three of our most trusted titles, now revised with more engaging content to ensure learners understand and excel in Mathematics, History and English!

Introducing the new editions of History Awake 2 & 3 Learner's Book, Listen To Learn 1 Activity Book, and Prism Alive Secondary Mathematics Learner's Workbook 1! The perfect investments for teachers and parents dedicated to their learners' academic success.


History Awake 2 & 3 Revised Edition

The History Awake 2 & 3 Revised Edition offers a modern approach to studying history for Eswatini secondary schools. Using a source-based methodology, this book delves into the history of the Kingdom of Eswatini and Southern Africa, encouraging learners to explore and interrogate historical events critically. It’s designed to make history fascinating and insightful, ensuring learners develop a comprehensive understanding of their heritage and the broader historical context.


Listen To Learn 1 Activity Book

Our Listen To Learn 1 Revised Edition is an exciting workbook for English language learners in the Junior Secondary Phase. This edition focuses on enhancing listening and speaking skills, which are essential for effective communication. This activity book has interactive exercises and engaging activities that make learning English enjoyable and impactful.


Prism Alive Secondary Mathematics Learner's Workbook 1

The Prism Alive Secondary Mathematics Learner's Workbook 1 has been meticulously revised to align with the requirements of the Eswatini General Certificate of Secondary Education (SGCSE). This workbook provides a comprehensive and interactive approach to learning mathematics, helping learners build a solid foundation and excel in their studies. With a focus on clarity and practical application, this revised edition is a vital resource for mastering mathematical concepts.


Why Choose Our Revised Titles?

  • Engaging Content: Our books are designed to captivate and maintain learners' interest, making learning enjoyable.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our titles cover the essential aspects of the curriculum, preparing learners thoroughly for their exams and future academic endeavours.
  • Trusted Quality: Our books are authored by experts and have been trusted by educators for years.


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