In celebrating literary innovation and intellectual property rights, Macmillan Education Eswatini orchestrated a remarkable gathering on April 23rd, 2023, at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mbabane. The occasion, marking World Book and Copyright/Intellectual Property Day, served as a nexus for diverse stakeholders to converge, share insights, and champion the vital intersection of creativity and legal safeguarding.

Macmillan MD Mr. Bongani Motsa shaking hands with the Minister of ICT Hon. Savannah Maziya

Under the astute guidance of the publishing department, luminaries from various spheres, including the illustrious UNESCO Secretary General Ms. Lwandle Simelane, graced the event. Ms Simelane fervently underscored the paramount importance of copyright registration, articulating a clarion call for creators to safeguard their works through official channels.


The indomitable spirit of creativity permeated the atmosphere as writers, illustrators, poets, comedians, and musicians congregated to amplify their voices. Mr Bongani Motsa, the managing director of Macmillan Education Eswatini, commended the Minister of ICT for her unwavering support and extended gratitude to all stakeholders for their invaluable presence.

UNESCO Secretary General (Eswatini) Ms. Lwandle Simelane delivering her speech

Central to the discourse was the esteemed presence of the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Honorable Savannah Maziya, whose keynote address elucidated the symbiotic relationship between science, technology, and innovation. With an emphasis on inclusivity, Minister Maziya championed the preservation of the mother tongue, Siswati, as an indispensable facet of technological advancement.


A riveting panel discussion ensued, tackling the nuanced intricacies of copyright law and intellectual property. Esteemed panellists, including Mr Stanly Dlamini (CEO of Eswatini Arts and Culture), Dr Dludlu (Head of Intellectual Property), Mr Hlanze (Copyright Office), and Mr Khanyile (representing the Gospel Music Fraternity), lent their expertise to illuminate key issues and foster collaborative solutions.

The event pulsated with artistic fervour, featuring captivating performances by Zweli, the guitarist, poignant poetry by Gcayi Umkhaphelwane, and uproarious comedy acts by Gogo and Silwane. Media houses across Eswatini lent their pens and lenses, ensuring the event's resonance echoed far beyond its physical confines.

The great programme director of the day

In a world brimming with creativity, the imperative of safeguarding intellectual property rights resonates more profoundly than ever. Macmillan Education Eswatini's pioneering initiative not only celebrates the boundless ingenuity of human expression but also underscores the imperative of legal protection in nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and creativity.

As the echoes of World Book and Copyright/Intellectual Property Day reverberate, let us heed its clarion call to uphold the rights of creators, fortify the foundations of intellectual property, and forge a future where innovation thrives unencumbered by the shadows of infringement.