Macmillan Education Eswatini has partnered with the Eswatini Principals' Association (EPA) on a Leadership and Management Seminar for school heads, which was held at the George Hotel in Manzini on the 10th of May 2022. EPA is an association of school principals whose main mandate is, to foster quality, accessible education for all learners in the country.

After the EPA turned in their request for assistance w i t h hosting their leadership seminar, Macmillan Eswatini decided to support this initiative by buying their platinum package worth E 15 000. This package elevated the company into primary sponsor status for the

event, affording us a chance to display our products, make a 15-minute presentation, and even provide indoor- and outdoor branding at the venue, thus amassing great visibility and mileage.

The workshop was centered around upskilling over 200 principals on fundamental leadership issues such as: change management, emotional intelligence, value of collaboration, stakeholder synergy and management in general. We found this activity quite relevant to us as a company, not only because it will ultimately benefit the end user which is the learner, but also because we equally believe in sound leadership for better results in education.

The sales team displayed a wide range of Macmillan products which the audience loved a lot. The Sales and Marketing Manager, Mancoba, made a presentation promoting material for primary and secondary schools, as well as management books offered by Macmillan. Establishing an exhibition stall at the foyer of the auditorium also increased our mileage. On behalf of EPA, Mr Mbongwa Mhlanga, the president, forwarded his profound gratitude to Macmillan for the great support they received. Such partnerships   help us in lot establishing and sustaining professional relationships with key stakeholders and the target market.