Teachers are important. It is an indisputable fact. As a trusted publishing brand in Eswatini, our passion for learning and our obligation to hoist education in Eswatini to much greater heights is second to none, which is why we persistently provide ground-breaking solutions that will drive learner performance to deliver excellent results. Studies unveil that teachers are at the epicentre of a child's development and educational success; they are at the core of education transformation. It means that teachers' commitment and dedication are invaluable. They need appreciation. Also, this colludes well with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) 2022 theme for World Teachers Day: The transformation of education begins with teachers".

Indeed, teachers do what they do because they want to help others. They are not teaching for recognition or glory but because they have a passion for the youth and education. Teachers typically believe in the power of education and the importance of providing children with good role models and are teaching because of that belief. Teachers are dedicated to the cause. It is on that premise, therefore, that Macmillan education Eswatini has decided to appreciate teachers in the country for the great work they do so selflessly.


As a publishing house dealing with educational material, teachers are one of our critical stakeholders since they work with learners daily. The learning and teaching process revolves around the teacher. As our mantra states, we are committed to advancing learning, hence the zeal to appreciate teachers' efforts towards achieving this common goal. Macmillan has therefore introduced the Macmillan Best Teacher Awards commemorating World Teachers' Day. The competition commenced on the 5th of October 2022 and shall run in all four regions of the country on specified dates during October.

The awards come in two folds; Pre or Primary category and the Secondary category. Learners shall nominate their best teacher, post the teacher on the Macmillan Facebook page and tag that teacher with some of their fellow schoolmates. They must then state five reasons that qualify their teacher of choice as the best teacher. Isn't that interesting? Usually, it is the teacher who decides who the best learner is. This time, it is the other way round; learners are giving us their definition of a 'best teacher.' The best three secondary school teachers and three pre-or primary school teachers from each of the country's four regions shall be selected based on the quality of the reasons stated by their learners, as well as the frequency of the nomination of that particular teacher. Outstanding teachers shall be awarded branded laptops. We strongly believe these laptops shall go a long way in assisting these 'lucky educators' when executing their day-to-day duties, particularly now that blended learning is making inroads into our education system.


Teachers' warmest reception of this noble initiative is encouraging for us as a company. "I am surprised that Macmillan recognizes and appreciates the hard work teachers do in the country." These were the words of a visibly excited Miss Grace Matsebula, a senior teacher at Big Bend High School in the Lubombo region. Establishing and sustaining professional relationships with key stakeholders like teachers is of paramount importance for us at Macmillan; hence we are delighted that the 'Best Teacher Award' competition is helping us achieve these healthy professional relationships.