As part of our marketing drives, Macmillan Education Eswatini has introduced a trailblazing campaign tagged ‘Meet and Greet Campaign’. This is just one of many activities we conduct as part of our discernibility strategy.

This one is aimed at sensitising the Senior Inspectors of each subject on matters associated with our resource materials. They are given a friendly visit on a day suitable for them whereby we discuss a number of issues and request them to have a brief review of our non-prescribed texts. Once they fall in love with our materials they then recommend the ones which could be used as resource material for their subject. English Language and SiSwati were at the top of our list and the reception of our titles by the inspectors was really warm and amazing. 

Sales are already improving for these subjects particularly due to teachers’ interest in our non-prescribed titles. Our next targets are Business Studies, Information Technology, Agriculture, Mathematics and Science.