In a vibrant celebration of ambition and empowerment, Macmillan Education Eswatini recently hosted the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at their showroom. The event, held yesterday, echoed with the resounding message: "The sky is not the limit," igniting a fervent passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among young girls.

Attended by students from rural schools including Hluthi High School, Siphofaneni High School, Duze High School, and Phonjwane High School, the gathering was a beacon of inspiration. These bright minds were not only urged to dream big but were also equipped with the tools to pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

Established women under WomEng Eswatini shared their remarkable journeys, serving as living proof that success knows no bounds. Fanele Chester-Fakudze, the CAS coordinator at Waterford Kamhlaba, illuminated the path to careers and scholarships available in STEM fields, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed.

Prominent figures lent their wisdom to the occasion, including Dr. Mary Masombuko, Senior Clinical Advisor at the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and Sinikiwe Dlamini, a researcher for Doctors Without Borders. Sinikiwe's transformative journey emphasized the power of curiosity and resilience, proving that setbacks are merely stepping stones to success. Dr. Masombuko imparted invaluable insights, highlighting the importance of embracing failure as a natural part of life's journey.

Ms. Khanyisile Mokoena, Senior Inspector for Mathematics, underscored the need for girls to prioritize self-preservation, cautioning against the pitfalls of early romantic relationships. Her words resonated deeply, echoing the sentiment that a strong foundation of self-worth is essential for every young woman's journey.

The Managing Director of Macmillan Eswatini expressed pride in contributing to the development of the next generation of scientists, recognizing the pivotal role education plays in shaping the future.

As the echoes of empowerment continue to reverberate, it's clear that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at Macmillan Education Eswatini was not just an event but a catalyst for change. Through inspiration, guidance, and unwavering support, these young girls are poised to reach for the stars and beyond, reshaping the landscape of STEM one dream at a time.


Fanele Chester-Fakudze, the CAS coordinator at Waterford Kamhlaba

Macmillan Management, and the Mathematics Inspectorate


Learners listening attentively as the programme continued