Listen To Learn 3 Practice book

Publisher Macmillan Education Eswatini
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Print ISBN 9781852220310
The components of the Listen to Learn Course are: 1) a Practice Book consisting of 16 complete practice examination papers (Paper 3: listening) and 2 complete practice examination papers (Paper 4: Speaking). A teacher's Guide with teaching guidelines and answers for each of the activities in the Practice Book. A CD that contains all the listening material used in the course.

Listen To Learn is an exciting, brand-new course for learners of English in the Junior Secondary Phase and it has been specifically designed with the aim of encouraging, teaching and cultivating good listening and speaking skills. Listen To Learn 3 Practice Book is the final book in the series. Listening and speaking are the cornerstones of good communication through language. This book will not only strengthen language skills for learners in the classroom, but will empower them to be better listeners and speakers who engage with the world with great confidence. Learners will have the opportunity to hone their listening and speaking skills through a range of activities designed for the teaching and learning of these skills.