Macmillan History For Southern Africa Learner's book

Publisher Macmillan Education Eswatini
Print Price E 722.61
Print ISBN 9780900364266
Macmillan History For Southern Africa is a new exciting book developed for learners in the Southern African Region. Written by a team of experienced teachers, authors and syllabus experts, it has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Namibian and Swaziland Senior Secondary Curricula. This affords learners a broader perspective of the study material while at the same time ensuring that there is sufficient local context that will be familiar to them.

The full-colour publication is extensively illustrated and covers the curricula comprehensively, providing learners with all the information they need to do well in their final examinations. Each chapter also includes activities and end-of-chapter questions, which gives learners and teachers the opportunity to assess progress throughout the course.