Since May 2015, Macmillan Education is one piece of a much bigger publishing picture. Together with Palgrave Macmillan, Nature Publishing Group and Springer Science+Business Media, we are part of Springer Nature, a major new force in scientific, scholarly, professional and educational publishing.

Macmillan International Higher Education is a global academic publisher for scholarship, research and professional learning. It publishes monographs, journals, reference works and professional titles, online and in print, with a focus on humanities and social sciences.

Springer Science+Business media is a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services.

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a publisher of high-impact scientific and medical information in print and online, that publishes journals, online databases, and services across the life, physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine.

Macmillan Education is a global education company, developing print, digital and online solutions that support teachers, researchers, students and educators around the world. Macmillan Education itself, is made up of three different but important strands:  Language Learning, Schools Curriculum and Higher Education.